Autocad 3D Commands


List of Autocad 3D Commands


3D move

  • It is used to move object in a 3D direction from a specified distance to a specified direction
  • By using this command  we can move the selected objects from constraint to an axis on plane
  • When a 3D move is selected,  will be displayed at the centre of an object this command uses options for moving aligning,and changing to other. We can use this command to align the plane of object. 
  • The  direction of this command we constraint relate to the plane moving along an axis by clicking on the constraint if the area between the axis and we can specify the moment of the new location for the selected objects.  Drag and click the objects to move dynamically 



  • this is used to copy the selected objects instead of moving them. We can also make multiple copies by containing the specifications
  • Best point specifies the base point of the object we wish to move
  • Displacement is a relation to distance one direction for the object placed by using the coded values which we enter at the command prompt


3D Orbit 


  • By selecting this command, 3D orbit view will be activated on the 3D orbit cursor icon. By using this command we can read the objects. If we drag the cursor horizontally then the camera will be moved towards  X Plane of WCS. 
  • If we drag the cursor with vertically  than the camera will be moved towards z axis. When the command is using we can use right click to display additional options by selecting one or more objects before using this command, It limits our display only 220 only way using shift and moving the most will we can enter 3D orbit mode temporally visual styles like wireframe, shaded and realistic are provided to improve the performance of farm and orbit operations


3D rotate command 

  • This command is used to rotate the object 


Select objects

  • Iit is used to select the object we want to rotate base point.
  • It sets the centre point of the object pick a rotation axis 

specify the axis of rotation to move until the expert used to select and selected specify. Starting and ending point it sets the start point relate to the rotation and can also enter an angle value specify angle and point it is used to rotate the object along the specified axis you can select this to end the rotation


3D scale


  • By using this command we can resize the selected objects access a plane.
  • It is used to resize the objects uniformly. 

Select objects

  • It is used to select the objects to the scale specify base point. This is used to specify best point for scaling of the object. It is used to scale uniformly along a specific plane 


  • It is used to create a copy of the selected objects 


Reference length

  •  it's the relate to amount that represents the current size new length. It is used to  calculate then you size there are different lenses one and the new length is for when the size of the selected object is modeled points. It is used to calculate the new size based on the two points with specified
  • This is used to draw 3D solid with circular base for electrical base and symmetrically tapers to a point oral electrical planet face. We can control the smoothness of 3D objects.


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