Autocad Advanced


AutoCAD is a computer-aided software design and draft application developed by the American multinational company Autodesk. AutoCAD runs on operating systems such as Windows, macOS, iOS and Android.


  • AutoCAD is used in the automobile industry, fashion industry, graphic designers, civil engineers, etc. So far, we have understood what AutoCAD is and how it is used in various industries.
  • Now let's see how it works, how to use AutoCAD software, its commands, tips and tricks to use it.
  • To complicate the understanding of the software, we will first go to the basic commands, and then the intermediate and advanced commands.


Course Details

  • You can sample any form you can imagine with the AutoCAD 3D toolset.

  • Learn how to build each 3D component, including the frame, belt-tensioner mechanism, drive train, power components, brakes, wheels, axles, hubs, spokes, handlebars and bicycle seat of the bicycle model.

  • In this project-based course, We will teach you the techniques needed to solve complex modeling challenges in AutoCAD, while at the same time focusing on innovative e-bike design.

  • Techniques (can be used for other machine models) include profiling profiles, raising 2D cross-sections, axial rotating profiles, filling edges, smoothing mesh materials, carving complex NURBS surfaces and more.


Combine your passion for technology and passion for design into a productive profession.


  • AutoCAD is the most widely used computer aided design (CAD) software for creating architectural, engineering and architectural drawings.
  • These classes benefit people in the engineering, construction, architecture and interior design industries. Software allows users to create 2D and 3D maps using visualization and technical documentation. This increases productivity in production and design - altering the need for manual drawings and designs.
  • It is used in all stages of the process from concept and work drawing to the creation of virtual reality images and has become an important part of the modern work environment.


Customizing and managing AutoCAD

  • To fit your specific design application is a great way to increase your productivity. This course teaches simple but powerful customization techniques and advanced AutoCAD tools.
  • Draw and create quickly and with little effort by learning how to customize AutoCAD's user interface and reduce the number of steps required to perform simple tasks. Save time and work better - learn these advanced skills in our 3 day AutoCAD Advanced course.

Learn Autocad from Autocad Training Institute in Vizag


Expected Outcome

  • As a result of attending this tutorial you will achieve greater productivity by automating repetitive tasks and creating a more personalized and efficient AutoCAD work environment.
  • After completing the course, you can sign in to your personal student account and download your official Autodesk Completion Certificate.