Data Science Training in Vizag

Softenant Technologies offers Best Data Science Training in Vizag. Data Science is the most demand course in the market. It is mainly used for predictive analysis. There are many companies has got huge data for analyzing the latest problems. To solve much challenging data science is very helpful.


For solving industry problems data analytics are in huge demand. We at Softenant Technologies provide basic to an advanced course on data analytics.


Who should take the course?

  • Professionals already having worked on any domain.
  • Mathematicians, Statisticians, and Economists
  • Business analysts, Software Programmers, Business Intelligence persons.
  • Freshers having good logical and analytical skills.


Course Modules


  • Index in RDBMS
  • Clauses in SQL
  • Operators in SQL
  • Creating Database
  • SQL Functions
  • Triggers in SQL


  • Data Structures in R
  • Variables
  • Operators
  • Conditional Statements
  • Loops
  • Strings
  • Functions
  • Statistical programming
  • Bar charts, Pie chart, Line Chart
  • Pareto chart, Histogram, Scatterplot
  • Import Dataset in R
  • Reading various files
  • CSV files, SAS files, JSON files, Text files
  • Packages
  • Hmisc
  • Caret
  • Data Table
  • Ggplot2
  • Dplyr


  • Data Types
  • Conditional Statements
  • Loop
  • Functions
  • Numpy in Python
  • Reshaping and combining Arrays
  • Arrays
  • Pandas
  • Introduction
  • Dataframe
  • Working with Missing Data
  • Merge, Join and Concatenate
  • Indexing and Selecting Data

MatplotLib Library in Python

  • Introduction
  • Design
  • Different visualizations

Scipy and Sklearn in Python

  • Installations
  • Scipy Introduction
  • Mathematical algorithms
  • Sklearn
  • Machine Learning Algorithms

Seaborn Library in Python

  • Introduction to seaborn library
  • Linear relationships
  • Statistical relationships
  • Plotting Categorical Data
  • Statistical Analysis
  • A high-level overview of Data Science
  • Random variable
  • Probability and Distribution
  • Balanced and Imbalanced datasets
  • Sampling Funnel
  • The measure of central tendency
  • Measure of Dispersion


  • Linear Regression
  • Logistic Regression
  • Multinomial Regression
  • Advanced Regression


  • Unsupervised Data Mining
  • Dimension Reduction
  • KNN Machine Learning Classifiers
  • Data Visualization
  • Time Series

Tableau Products and Usage

  • Maps and Images in Tableau
  • Calculation On Tableau
  • Data Collection
  • Data Mining