SAP HANA Training Course

Softentant is one of the best SAP Training Institute in Vizag for SAP HANA training. The training provides you real hands-on-experience on important concepts in SAP HANA like Hana Architecture, Transformations, Modelling, Storage, Etc.,


What you will learn on Training SAP HANA

  • Core Concepts
  • SAP BO Analysis
  • Data Provisioning
  • System Replication
  • Monitoring and Managing Reports In Hana
  • Performance tuning
  • Administrative operations
  • Hana Studio

For whom this Course

  • Data Warehousing Professionals
  • Database Architects
  • SAP BI Consultants
  • Project Managers

Prerequisites for Learning SAP Hana

  • Basic knowledge of SQL is helpful
  • Graduates

Training Format

  • This course is designed with live examples
  • Experienced Faculty will delivery
  • Highlights of Training
  • Quality Study Material
  • Practice Exercises
  • Quiz
  • Assignments on each and every module
  • Various Reporting Tools
  • Guidance on Certification
  • Guidance on Job

SAP HANA Course Syllabus


HANA Introduction

  • In-Memory Computing
  • Evolution of In-Memory computing at SAP

History of SAP HANA

  • HANA compare to BWA
  • In-Memory Basics
  • HANA Use cases


  • Hana Engine Overview
  • Different HANA Engine Types
  • Row Store
  • Column Store
  • Persistency Layer
  • Business Impact of the new architecture
  • Backup & Recovery


  • Key Concepts in Data Modeling
  • Components of HANA data model & Views
  • Analytical Views
  • Attribute views
  • Calculation Views
  • Joins
  • Measures
  • Filters
  • Real Time Scenarios


  • Functions & Expressions
  • Procedures
  • Data Provisioning
  • Overview
  • Trigger Based Replication
  • ETL Based Replication
  • Log-Based Replication

Intro to BODS 4

  • Basic Data service Connection types
  • Flat File upload into HANA
  • Security
  • Creating Users
  • Creating Roles
  • Privileges
  • User Administration
  • Reporting
  • Connectivity options
  • Business Objects BI 4
  • Crystal Reports
  • Authorizations
  • Security
  • New Enhancement and Features

SAP HANA Trainer Profile & Placement

Our SAP HANA Trainers

  • More than 10 Years of experience in SAP HANA Technologies
  • Has worked on multiple real-time SAP HANA projects
  • Strong Theoretical & Practical Knowledge
  • Certified Professionals


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What is Cloud?

Cloud is a metaphor for a global network. It is first used to refer telephone network but now it is commonly used to represent internet network.


Who is Cloud Provider?

Companies which provides cloud-based platform are known as cloud providers.  They provide a cloud-based platform, infrastructure, storage services, applications for organizations, individuals, etc.,


What is Cloud Storage?

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What is Elastic Computing?

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What is Hybrid Cloud?

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