Topics Covered:
1. Chapter 1: Introduction to Matlab
1. Matlab Interactive Sessions
2. Menus and the toolbar
3. Computing with Matlab
4. Script files and the Editor Debugger
5. Matlab Help System
6. Programming in Matlab
2. Chapter 2: Arrays
1. Arrays
2. Multidimensional Arrays
3. Element by Element Operations
4. Polynomial Operations Using Arrays
5. Cell Arrays
6. Structure Arrays
3. Chapter 3: Functions & Files
a) Elementary Mathematical Functions
b) User Defined Functions 
c) Advanced Function Programming
d) Working with Data Files
4. Chapter 4: Programming Techniques
a) Program Design and Development
b) Relational Operators and Logical Variables
c) Logical Operators and Functions
d) Conditional Statements
e) Loops
f) The Switch Structure
g) Debugging Mat Lab Programs
5. Chapter 5: Plotting
a) XY- plotting functions
b) Subplots and Overlay plots
c) Special Plot types
d) Interactive plotting
e) Function Discovery
f) Regression
g) 3-D plots
6. Chapter 6: Linear Algebraic Equations
a) Elementary Solution Methods
b) Matrix Methods for (LE)
c) Cramer’s Method
d) Undetermined Systems
e) Order Systems
7. Chapter 7: Probability and Statistics
1. Interpolation
 2.Statistics, Histogram and probability
3. The Normal Distribution
4. Random number Generation
5. Interpolation

8. Symbolic Processing With Matlab
1. Symbolic Expressions and Algebra
2. Algebraic and Transcendental Equations
3. Calculus
4. Symbolic Linear Algebra 
9. Image Processing
1.Vector Graphics
2. Morphological Image Processing
3. Filtering