SAP Certification and Opportunities


What are the best and highly paid Job Opportunities After SAP Certification? 


SAP which stands for “Systems Applications and Products in data processing” is an ERP(enterprise resource planning) software. It is one of the most leading, most effective, and most demanded ERP tools in today’s world.

Due to its high demand by organizations, it has multiple and highly paid job opportunities for SAP certified professionals.


But before moving further we will understand:-


What is SAP and how does it benefit organizations?

Let us take an example,

Suppose you have a business of biscuits. So, for its manufacturing and sales, you require to set up

  • Inventory
  • Create and purchase orders
  • Do Sales and distribution
  • Human resource management
  • Financial accounting and much more

And each one of these holds a separate data which needs to be exchanged from one department to the other to check demand, availability of raw materials, profit, sales and much more so that you can make the best out of your business

And that’s where SAP plays its role.


SAP eliminates the duplication, discontinuity, and provides real-time information across departments to increase productivity, ensure quality, and better management.


So, coming on to the main point


What is the best career opportunities after SAP certification?

SAP is a really good and beneficial career option in today’s world.SAP is vast in terms of job opportunities as it covers a large range of aspects in IT industries, business administration, and company management systems.


Due to its wide range and great diversity, it proffers a sum total of 28 modules as opportunities to the ones who are seeking a stable future in SAP.


Some of the top and highly paid modules are discussed down below to let you choose your area of expertise for a beneficial and stable future.


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SAP QM (Quality Management) Module

QM is an integral part of various key business operations involved in SAP like production, sales, management and etc.

You can choose to be a

  • SAP PP QM consultant
  • Manager
  • System specialist
  • Quality engineer
  • Functional consultant
  • Application consultant
  • Advisory consultant or
  • Software engineer

The average salary of SAP consultants in Quality Management module is Rs. 6,06,782 with a bonus of Rs. 50,565 and profit-sharing of Rs. 17,500 p.a


*This may increase or decrease


Salaries range from Rs. 2,61,733 - Rs. 11,94,599 p.a

With Bonus of      Rs. 4,956 - Rs. 1,17,700 p.a

and Profit sharing    Rs. 0.00 - Rs. 91,916 p.a


SAP NetWeaver module


SAP NetWeaver server which is also known as WebAS is a runtime environment which holds multiple job opportunities like:-


  • Software developer
  • Team leader
  • Software engineer
  • SAP basis Administrator
  • System engineer
  • SAP EP consultant
  • Application developer
  • Team leader, and
  • SAP basis consultant

SAP NetWeaver skill has an average income of Rs. 7,57,263 per annum

(Income is variable and depends on the post you hold which are discussed down below)

*A SAP basis administrator has an average income of- Rs. 6,75,000 per annum


*Whereas a senior sap consultant has - Rs. 1m p.a

*SAP consultant- Rs.  1m p.a

*SAP developer- Rs. 368K p.a

*Team leader IT- Rs.  1m p.a

*Software engineer - Rs. 300K p.a

*Senior technical consultant - Rs. 900K p.a


SAP MM (Materials Management) Module

The candidates who have passed and got certified for MM module have top opportunities to grab in. They hold a higher chance of becoming:-

  • SAP procurement specialist
  • SAP Trainer
  • Team leader
  • Manager Material SAP End-User
  • SAP MM Functional Consultant, and
  • Project Manager

The average income of a person in SAP MM is around Rs. 5,69,000 per annum

The income of an SAP MM consultant ranges from Rs. 3,49,000- Rs. 12,12,000 per annum

*SAP MM consultant - Rs. 2,47,000- Rs. 10,61,116 p.a


SAP FICO (Financial Accounting and Controlling) Module

The financial team of SAP FICO keeps an eye on the financial analytics and records of the financial data of an organization.


SAP FICO is a great career choice and the employees can choose to be:-

  • Project leader
  • Module lead
  • SAP FICO consultant
  • SAP FI consultant
  • SAP CO consultant
  • Manager costing
  • SAP functional consultant, and
  • Process developer

The average income in SAP FICO is Rs. 6,44,000 per annum

The salary ranges from - Rs. 3,20,000 to Rs. 12,47,000 per annum


Salaries for some SAP FICO posts:-

SAP FI/CO Consultant - Rs. 39,000 /mo

SAP FI consultant         - Rs. 49,000/mo

SAP FICO fresher         - Rs. 45,000/mo

Senior SAP FICO consultant - Rs. 52,000/mo


SAP Payroll Module

SAP payroll system computes the gross pay and net pay of employees in an organization. Qualifying these modules to increase your possibility of becoming:-

  • HR executive
  • SAP HCM Consultant, and
  • Payroll executive

The average salary for skill SAP payroll is Rs.  4,44,943 per annum

Salaries for related posts:-


Payroll specialist - Rs. 2,76,000 p.a

Consultant, human resource(HR) - Rs. 5,00,000 p.a

Accounting Assistant - Rs. 3,50,000 p.a

Senior Executive Assistant - Rs. 2,77,000 p.a


SAP Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Module

SAP CRM department looks over the customer demands and needs and manages customer-related activities.

The opportunities for which SAP CRM department id oper for:-

  • Project manager SAP
  • System Engineer
  • Software Engineer
  • SAP SD Functional Consultant
  • CRM Manager
  • SAP CRM functional consultant, and
  • SAP CRM technical consultant

The average income of SAP CRM is Rs. 7,05,000 per annum

*Salary ranges from - Rs. 4,07,000 to Rs. 14,05,000 per annum


Per annum income related to CRM:-

SAP CRM consultant - Rs. 13,34,467 per year

SAP CRM technical consultant - Rs.  9,08,883 per year

SAP CROM functional consultant - Rs. 11,16,261 per year


SAP Sales and Distribution (SD) Module

SD sales team allows the organization to store and manage data related to customers and products. The designations after SAP SD are:-

  • Team leader
  • Project manager
  • Software engineer
  • SAP trainee
  • Senior designer
  • SAP SD end-user, and
  • SAP SD functional consultant

The average income of an SAP SD employee is Rs. 5,47,000 per annum.

 The income ranges from Rs. 3,67,000 to Rs. 11,57,000 per annum.


Related job and their incomes:-

SAP SD consultant - Rs. 8,47,127 p.a

SAP SD functional consultant - Rs. 10,53,734 p.a

Senior SAP SD consultant - Rs. 10,40,425 p.a


Top companies with evergreen intakes of SAP-certified professionals are:-











*The rising demand for SAP system has raised the need for SAP certifies professionals and has more upcoming opportunities in the near future.


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