AutoCAD Tips and tricks



OOPS command in AutoCAD undoes last erase command. It won't affect any work you have done previously.


REDRAW command in Autocad

Refreshes the drawing in the drawing viewport.


RECOVER command in Autocad

Recovers a damaged file.



It undoes and goes to the previous step.


How to Import text field and Ms word file in Autocad?

We can import text file and Ms word file directly by using Mtext command. By typing Mtext command a text editor tab will open. Select import text from the Text editor tab and select the desired file to import in Autocad.  In a similar way, we can import Ms-Word file.


How to use Object snap-in Autocad?

By using Object snaps we can draw precisely and also speed up the drawing. Object snap consists of Endpoint, Midpoint, Center, Node, Quadrant, Node, Extension, Insertion, Perpendicular, Tangent, Apparent Intersection, Parallel.


Endpoint allows snapping to any endpoint.

Midpoint Object-Snap allows snapping at the midpoint of any line or arc.

Center in object snap allows snapping to the center of any circle, ellipse or Elliptical Arc.


How to Create Custom Hatch Pattern in Autocad?

Hatch patterns are used to fill an area with a pattern hatches. By default, there are inbuilt hatch patterns.  In similar, we can also create hatch patterns by using custom hatch patterns.

To create hatch patterns in Autocad open a notepad and type the following lines

0, 0,0,.2,.2,-.2


and save the file as TESTHATCH.PAT. The file name should be the same, we cannot give another file name. In this way we can create custom hatch patterns.


How to convert objects to Spline and Polyline in Autocad

sometime we need to convert the line to a polyline or a polyline to spline and vice versa. For converting line to Poyline we have to use Polyline Edit tool. At the same time by using this tool we can convert circle, ellipse and elliptical arcs into polylines.

Open polyline eidt or type PE command and press enter to start and select on the object you want to change to polyline and select multiple objects by selecting multiple from the command prompt. A new prompt will appear on the command line press Y and enter twice to conver the object into a polyline and exit the command.


Converting Spline to Polyline

For converting spline to polyline type PE on the command line and press enter then select the object from the drawing area.  The Spline will be converted into Polyline. We can also use Spline Edit command to convert spline into polyline by selecting Covert to Polyline from the command line window.


How to make Autocad drawing template with Units and Limits?

Fist select acad.dwt template from the templates list, a blank drawing will open. In the application, menu select drawing utilities select units or type UN command in the command prompt. Select the desired Units from the list and click on Ok.

In a similar way type limits command in the command prompt and enter the values for the lower left and upper right corner. So drawing units and drawing limits has been sent then we have to create drawing template.

Now we can save this file as a template file so the setting will always accessible when we try to open a new drawing.  Now save the file by selecting save as option then save the template.  we can also create a folder and save all the templates in one location.


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