Autocad Interview Question and Answers.



What is Autocad?

It is a software program used to build 2D and 3D images. It is mainly used for drafting with measurements. It is developed by AutoDesk. It is mainly used by engineers, Architects, Mechanical engineers across the globe.


What are the uses of Autocad?

  • It is used to create 2D and 3D models.
  • It allows us to create technical and conceptual designs.
  • It is used to draw, modify and review the drawings according to the requirements.

What are the main file formats used in Autocad?

.dwg – It is native file formatting for AutoCAD drawings

.dxf – It is interchangeable and provides the data operability


What is a variant in Autocad?

Variants are used to help in creating, visualizing and rendering 3D models. It allows you to use the functionality of various applications according to our requirement.


What is the command used in AutoCAD to rotate the grid?

The command used to rotate the grid is UCS.


What are grips in Autocad?

Grips are small boxes which will appear on the objects when selected. We can edit or move an object by using grips.


What is the difference between CAD and CADD?

  • CAD stands for Computer-aided design
  • CADD stands for Computer-aided design and drafting


What is the command line in Autocad?

At the bottom of the screen, a small screen will appear which is the command line. It is used to enter the commands through the keyboard. It is also known to command window.


What is a cross-hair cursor?

It is a form of the cursor consists of a horizontal and vertical line intersecting at their midpoints.


What is orthomode?

In Autocad it allows us to draw lines either horizontal or vertical direction only.