Dot Net Interview Question and Answers.


What is Dot Net Framework?

Dot net Framework is used for building various software applications on windows. It has many built-in functions to build and develop software, web services, and many applications. It is divided into three parts

  • Common Language Runtime
  • Framework classes
  • ASP.Net

What is the difference between ASP.Net and ASP?

  • ASP.Net is developed to create dynamic web applications whereas ASP is a Microsoft’s server-side technology which is used to create web pages.
  • ASP is partially objected-oriented whereas ASP.Net is fully object-oriented
  • ASP is interpreted whereas ASP.Net is compiled.
  • ASP.Net used ADO.NET whereas ASP uses ADO.

What is the difference between assembly and namespace in Dot Net?

A namespace can span multiple assemblies whereas an assembly is a group of logical units.


What is boxing and unboxing in .Net?

Boxing is a process of converting a value type to reference type and unboxing is converting reference type to value type.


What are the main components of the .Net Framework?

Main components of the .Net framework are

  • CLR(common language runtime)
  • DLR(Dynamic language runtime)
  • Class library
  • Application Domains
  • Framework security
  • Runtime Hosts

What is Garbage Collection in Dot Net?

Garbage collection is used to prevent memory leaks. Garbage collector mainly manages the allocation and deallocation of memory. Garbage collector frees up the memory if the object has no longer used by the application.


What are indexes in Dot Net?

Indexes are of two types

  1. Cluster index
  2. Non-cluster index

How many types of memory in .Net?

  • Stack memory
  • Heap memory

What are cookies in Dot Net?

These are a small amount of data created by a server on clients. When the page is served to the browser an additional HTTP head is sent to the browser. Web server creates a cookie.


What is a tuple?

It is a fixed-size collection consisting of same or different data types.  The user has to specify the size of a tuple while declaring it. A tuple can hold from 1 to 8 elements. They can be specified as a parameter or return type for a method.


What is a Code Access Security in Dot Net?

It is used to prevent unauthorized access and also restricts the codes to perform a particular task.  It is part of dot net security.


What is a CTS(Common Type System)?

It has a set of rules of how a data type should be declared and defined in a program. It mainly describes the data types that are used in the application.


What is MSIL?

MSIL stands for Microsoft Intermediate Language. It mainly provides instructions for calling methods, exception handling, for storing and initializing values and memory handling.


What is ASP.NET?

It is a part of the .NET Framework


What is the difference between assembly and namespace?

A namespace can span multiple assemblies whereas an assembly is a group of logical units.


What is boxing and unboxing in .Net?

Boxing is a process of converting a value type to reference type and unboxing is converting reference type to value type.


What is DLL?

DLL stands for Dynamic Link Library. It consists of code which has to be hidden. The applications which need to share DLL need not worry about the code as long as it is able to call the function of DLL.


What is MVC?

MVC stands for Model View Controller. It is an architecture to build .Net applications.

  • Models – Model objects are used to store and retrieve data from the application. These are logical parts of an application which is implemented by the application’s data domain.
  • View – These are used to display the view of the application in the form of User Interface. It gets information from the model objects for their display. A view has components like buttons, combo boxes, text boxes, etc.,
  • Controllers – They are used to handle user interactions. These are responsible for the user inputs. They work with the model objects.

What is meant by Localization and Globalization in Dot Net?

  • Localization is used for localizing the app content. The keywords used for Localization are IstringLocalizer, IviewLocalizer,etc.,
  • Globalization is used for developing applications in different languages. Already existing application can also be converted to support multiple languages


What is an interface?

It is a standard that contains only the method without a body. Its implementation is done in the class which is inherited from the interface. They are commonly used to set a common standard.


What is control in dot net?

It is a component that provides user interface capabilities.


What is smart navigation in the dot net?

The page gets refreshed due to the server-side validation and the page will get refreshed.

What is the relationship between a process, application and Application domain?

The process is allocated in its block. No process can access other process data. A process is an instance of a running application. Whereas an application is an executable on the hard drive. One process can run only one application.


What is singleton mode?

When a single object is instantiated depending on the number of clients accessing it. Its lifetime is determined by its lifetime lease.


Can we use multiple inheritance in dot net?

Dot net supports only single inheritance. To accomplish multiple inheritance interfaces can be used.


Why multiple inheritance is not supported in dot net?

If one child class is inherited from two parent classes, then if the child calls the same methods from the two parent methods then the parent class doesn’t know which method will be overridden. That is the reason dot net doesn’t support multiple inhertiance.


What are design patterns in dot net?

These are common solutions to common design problems.


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