Java Features

Java Supports the following features which makes java more familiar among other programming languages.


Compiler and interpreter

  • Java is both compiler and interpreter feature.
  •  Java first compile the program and then interprets the code.
  • Java once after compilation it creates bytecode instead of bitcode.
  • This process of converting bytecode to bit code is done by Java virtual Machine that's why Java is both compiler and interpreter


Platform independent

  • Java is a platform independent which means Java code can be easily run on different platforms because Java doesn't create machine code at the time of compilation.
  • It creates bytecode despite code is again transfer to machine language depending on the kind of hardware and software platform does the computer has.
  • That's why Java language is a platform independent it doesn't depend on any hardware or software. 


Object oriented

  • Java is a purely object oriented programming language it supports all the features of oops concepts it supports inheritance polymorphism abstraction etcetera.
  • Java code written by using objects and classes. In order to write a program in Java we have to keep the entire program into a class.


Robust and secure

  • Java code is where is secure and robust improve the readability of the code at the time of execution.
  • When we are trying to convert higher data type into lower datatype Java warns us because of its robustness.
  • Java is a secure programming language acid checks the safety of the program if any e virus is found it will not execute that code on the machine



  • Java language is distributed which means IV can be compiled in one machine and can be executed in any different machines that's why Java is a distributed language.
  • It can be easily distributed over internet. Java specially design for internet based applications.



  • java is a simple language it supports many other features in C and C plus plus.
  • It removes complex  code like pointers Java doesn't support multiple inheritance instead of multiple inheritance it supports interfaces.
  • By using interface we can achieve the concept of multiple inheritance in Java.
  • Java supports garbage collector which collects unreferenced objects and saves memory leakage.
  • It also contains user friendly syntax to develop software  applications.



  • Java supports multithreaded concept. Multithreaded concept allows us to break the Java code into small parts and those parts can be executed in a sequence.
  • Multithreaded concept helps us tu to break the entire code into smaller parts and execute them different times.



  • Java supports dynamic coding which helps write code using inheritance so that the code can be reused many times.
  • Java also has any predefined functions which makes Java more dynamic. 


Architectural neutral

  • Java is different from other programming languages because Java is architectural neutral which means platform independent.
  • The code written in Java can run on different platforms without compiling the code.
  • Java supports write once run anywhere approach, this makes Java architectural neutral. 



  • Java is portable language which means the code written using Java can run on different platforms.
  • That's why Java SE portable which help us to transfer code from one computer to many computers.


High performance

  • Java supports I performance which means the court runs much faster then other programming languages like C and C plus plus.
  • Java code executes much faster compared to other programming languages



  • Java supports network based applications.
  • By using Java code we can develop web based applications. It can be also used to develop network applications.

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