Benefits of SAP Training 


SAP is the leading marketplace in the field of enterprise business software. It helps in building customer relationship management, planning of enterprise resources, supplier relationship management, etc.


The process of SAP was first initiated in Waldorf, Germany, in 1972, led by the five former IBM engineers. They desire to maintain systematized software to start the business processes. There are approximately 437,000 customers and 96,600 employees in SAP. 


It is estimated that around 92% of Ford Global 2000 companies use SAP solutions with different 98% of the 100 valuable brands. According to Dow Jones, almost 100% of top-leading companies use SAP.

SAP ensures massive certification programs to fulfill the outstanding product and client support to minimize IT skills gaps. Presently there are more than 350,000 certified SAP professionals who are enjoying the certification programs.


SAP Certification Program Overview


  • There are almost 130 certifications provided by SAP, focusing on different specific SAP products.
  • However, you can go through the official website to search all the certification programs with its delivery, location, and solution.
  • But you can find some Best SAP training institutes in Vizag also. There are mainly three categories of certifications which can be understood as follows-


Associate Certifications

  • This type of certification is specially made for new to SAP solutions and have been learning about its technologies from different manuals or training courses.

Specialist Certifications

  • These are linked with associate-level credentials and accept quite professionals with some skills in specific fields or areas.

Professional Certifications

  • These certifications are acquired by the expert, having in-depth knowledge of SAP solutions and hands-on experience.


However, there is no requirement of any prerequisite skills for Associate or Professional level credentials. But you need to possess Associate Certification for getting into Specialist Certifications.


Moreover, these certifications do not need any kind of recertification. Although the company monitors your skills and ensures it is up to date. It will notify you automatically when one or more certifications become outdated.


They introduce the DELTA exams when the SAP solution has undergone significant changes. It is suggested that all the candidates undergo one or two Delta exams every six months to be updated with their skills and knowledge.



SAP Certification Exams


For Associate and Professional level certifications, you need only a single exam. But for Speciality certifications, you need to pass both the specialty and associate level exam.


You can buy the exam voucher from the SAP website and then sit for the exam at the SAP Training Center. You can give the exam via Pearson VUE or in the cloud.


Recently SAP announced that all the Global Certification exams will now be in the online mode in the cloud through SAP certification. They ensure that all the certification exams from June 2019 will be via Certification in the Cloud Program. They announced that more than half of the certifications in 2018 were obtained via online exams.


However, the annual subscription fees are $571, where the candidates may give up to six exams in one year.


Eligibility of SAP Certification


There are many courses and modules under the SAP certification. It entirely depends on the candidate which course he/she is interested in. However, the one who wants to get certified in SAP training must be from either of the backgrounds like Computer Science, Business Administration, Finance, Accounting, etc. 


The certifications are divided into two types of courses. The first one is a bit functional, and the second is a bit technical. However, both the courses require similar authorization and transaction codes depending upon your educational background. The course content can be varied further depending upon its nature.


There are more programming and module customization in the Technical SAP certification. However, if you are a business analyst, you need to work upon both functional and technical skills depending upon the responsibility given. If you are from a programming or developer background, technical courses will suit you.


There are no specific courses or sets of courses; you need to revise before giving the certification exam. But if you are going for higher level Professional Certification, you need to pass an Associate level before that. These certifications help in getting experience with SAP different partners, software users, and professionals. It is accepted globally and is set as standardized criteria for different jobs and responsibilities.


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Advantages of SAP Certification


SAP Certifications are considered as one of the most important in the current business environment. The professional familiarized with SAP platforms are always in high demand. They are deemed to be equipped with the most successful IT certifications.


Although, the execution of SAP is a bit complicated process and requires complete knowledge and training for the same. Being a professional requires years of knowledge and experience to gain enough expertise. For this reason, most of the businesses are in search of SAP-certified professionals.



  • Getting jobs is the main reason that many professionals apply for SAP certifications. Many candidates are benefited and grown-up in their field due to these certifications.
  • All the global companies recognize SAP as the leading market producer, and it can bring a huge difference in anyone’s career.
  • Around 70% of the companies mentioned under Forbes, 500 runs on SAP ERP. The continuous increase in demand is resulting in more opportunities for eligible professionals. 


Money Matters

  • The professionals who undergo SAP training are paid more than those without the certifications. The SAP experts are usually paid higher than those without any skills.
  • However, their average income depends on factors like the level of experience, educational background, type of employer, and the industry they get certified.
  • Those having experience of a minimum of four years can easily demand an average salary of around $57,200 to $79,100. The specialist can earn up to $92,000 to $137,600 in a year.
  • Those who have done MBA (masters in business administration) can demand up to $67,400 to $115,500.
  • The experienced candidates are hired both by professionals and private companies. The ones working in the Federal Department can earn around $79,500 to $165,000 annually. Those working in any private software companies can quickly get around $82,500 to $113,700. However, they are also needed in different consultancies, ERP systems, CRM solutions, and various industries.


Reputation and Recognition

  • It is evident that getting a better job role results in obtaining a good reputation and recognition among your colleagues and clients.
  • This can motivate them to do better in their jobs and earn more potential. They will be known for their certification.
  • The authorization of their job roles can easily be used with their names, resulting in a strong impression among different employers.


Prospects of Promotion

  • These certifications play a significant role in building a professional career in SAP. After pursuing this training, there are numerous opportunities to reach your career goals, which cannot be thought of without these certifications.
  • If you are SAP-certified, your chance of promotion increases than those, who are not certified. The companies always provide some benefits to the professional SAP experts for having immense knowledge and expertise in the field.


Related Jobs and Training

  • You can get various opportunities in SAP Training , but there are other certifications you must know.
  • Nowadays, the impact of SAP certifications is clearly shown in every primary industry. Most of the online jobs provide a glimpse of SAP-certified individuals.
  • Whether he is a food and beverage manufacturer looking for lead generation or an aircraft manufacturer searching for SAP Cloud Application developer, all require SAP specialists to grow in different fields. 
  • It does not matter if you are a business analyst, business owner, developer, trainer, etc. In all fields, you will find a good range of career opportunities through SAP certifications. They provide instructor-led classroom training at their centers globally. However, you also get an option for interactive e-learning courses on the purchase of every single course or multiple courses. 
  • There is specialized training called E-Academy offered by SAP to help you with any particular SAP solution areas to guide you for the certification exams.
  • You get a chance to view their self-paced courses of around one-five months. The SAP e-learning courses are designed especially for those interested in getting certified in a single training course.
  • Those who want to sharpen their skills can easily opt-in for Live Access Subscription to get live help from world-class teachers.
  • They also provide sample question papers and questions from previous exams to get you more comfortable with the platform. 



You must try for different SAP training in Visakhapatnam to gain more experience in this field. As per now, SAP systems help almost all the large scale and small scale businesses. It is currently the most benefited ERP platform that provides better facilities to different companies in all aspects. Gathering in a workplace with a SAP certification will make you stand different and look professional among all the candidates. Although, in many enterprises, the one having a certification is usually benefited a lot.