What is selenium Grid? 


The selenium grid is used to execute the test pass using a large number of machines to run the tests evenly. For example, if you have the opportunity to set up 100 tests, you have set the selenium phase to assist 4 different machines (VM or personal body machines) to run those tests and you will have the opportunity to run your tests on the same machine for the fourth (approximately) time after your test set is completed.


  • It can be an important effective tool for large test packages and long test packages, for example, those that make a lot of information approvals. Some test rooms may take hours to operate.
  • Another motivation to justify the time spent implementing the package is that designers for AUT capture progress time for test results after the log code.
  • Systematic programming teams that rehearse active programming progress need immediate test input without wasting time for short-term test proficiency. 

Selenium Training


The selenium grid additionally allows tests to be performed against different operating conditions and against different programs at once. For example, each 'network' of virtual machines can be maintained by supporting an alternative program. Thus, Machine includes Internet Explorer , Internet Explorer ,  recent Chrome,  the latest Firefox. During the test package run, the selenium phase receives each test-program combination and assigns each test to run against its desired program. 


  • Also, one may have a network that does not have a different program, type and format.
  • For example, each of the 3 cases running on Firefox 12 may have a configuration of 4 engines, the 'working form' of accessible Firefox cases (one). During the package run phase, each test is sent to the selenium-stage, which assigns the test to the following accessible Firefox example.
  • Having such a test air allows 12 ratings to be run simultaneously and simultaneously, basically reducing the time required to complete the test pass. 


The Selenium Grid allows you to run your tests equally on different computers against different systems. That is, it runs multiple tests simultaneously against different machines running different programs and working configurations. In general, the selenium grid improvement test scatter executions. It focuses on running the test execution of your tests. 


More to the point, there are two reasons you should use the selenium-phase. 


  • Programs Run your tests against multiple programs, different types of programs, and programs running in different work configurations. 
  • Pass a test that can reduce the time to complete the test suite.