What is Autocad 


AutoCAD is referred to as the Business Computer Assistance Design (CAD) and draft software tool. It is widely used by architects, engineers, project managers and many professionals in many industries.


AutoCAD is a familiar term when it comes to 3D and 2D gate design. AutoCAD software is a decision that simplifies the process of designing and communicating end results with others. Most structures built at this age are based on CAD maps. Most of them are using AutoCAD.


Many associate AutoCAD with architectural home design; However, there are various industries that use AutoCAD. For example, many: geographical, mechanical, electronics, AEC, multimedia, electrical, survey, engineering, urban planning and textile companies also use AutoCAD. Learn Autocad Trianing in Vizag and become professional designer.


Building Information Modeling (PIM) features have recently been added to the list of things that can be automated.


How did AutoCAD come about?

  • Autocad was first developed by Autodesk Inc. thirty years ago. AutoCAD can be used on Windows or Macintosh. They have been leaders in this field in all the competitions that have come and gone since 1982.
  • We all know that the computer scene has been constantly changing drastically and rapidly since the 1980s. AutoCAD is constantly evolving and becoming more advanced and efficient than the original software; However, the principal principals still act very simply and logically.
  • In 1993, AutoCAD LED was introduced as a cheaper, simpler and better alternative. It does not have various advanced features like 3D; However, it is still a complete program.
  • In 2010, AutoCAD was released for the Mac, which basically works just like Windows. Some have complained that the interface layout on the Mac version has not changed since before 2009.


AutoCAD Features:

  • AutoCAD 2D has many features and capabilities. It can accurately draw and edit structures. Text and exact dimensions can be easily added. Geometry can be viewed in different sizes and set by project layers, colors and styles. Another nice feature is that you can set up different layouts for printing purposes.
  • Another plus is that it is easy to collaborate with other AutoCAD users on the Internet. You can find many different versions of AutoCAD on the Internet, but the most recommended are always up-to-date.


History and Introduction

  • AutoCAD is a computer-aided draft / design (CAT) software application. This software was developed by Autodesk. AutoCAD was first introduced in December 1982 as a desktop application with internal graphics controllers in microcomputers.
  • AutoCAD Most commercial GAT programs run on a mainframe computer or minicomputer. AutoCAD has been released as a mobile and web application since 2010 and is marketed as AutoCAD so that we can simplify the map. It saves time.
  • AutoCAD software automatically re-draws the geometry to describe the scratch and hidden lines of the blocked area by other components in the machine design. This allows you to create a more precise design and create drawing 2D or 3D rotation.


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Advantages of AutoCAD: 

There are many advantages of AutoCAD software in the field of design. Users will get the following benefits of AutoCAD: -



Post AutoCAD tutors will enjoy the speed of creating these software designs as compared to manual draft (manual draft). Thus saving time to refill them.



AutoCAD training is very popular among architects and civil engineers and builders, electrical engineers etc. The same design project includes not only the architectural design but also the electrical system, plumbing system, ventilation system and ventilation. Conditioning system.  


Industry standard 

AutoCAD business standard for drawing and drawing or electronic maps between (.dwg and .dxf) business and regulatory bodies.


What is AutoCAD?


  • AutoCAD refers to the Automated Computer Assist format.
  • AutoCAD provides its users with an intuitive user interface with intuitive design layouts. These layouts include many templates designed for architectural planning and building construction. So with enough knowledge about AutoCAD, one can hire architectural plans to design projects for architectural purposes or to copy architectural structures in real time.
  • The new versions ofprovide AutoCADarchitects and builders with the analytical tools needed to analyze building elements and adjust the pressure and load levels of almost every supporting structure of a designed building. With AutoCAD, you can create an architectural plan, design a building, and perform specific analysis to determine the building's capabilities and strength before copying a site to a fire site.
  • Analyzing engineering components, infrastructure models, and HIVIC systems plays a key role in many engineering-civil, mechanical, systems, and electrical engineering fields. To do this while minimizing human errors, the use of a computer-aided design application is recommended.
  • AutoCAD is one of the recommended design software applications because it is unique to professionals in the field, theyuse candraft tools to bring their engineering ideas to the required precision. So in this space, AutoCAD serves as software to analyze machine parts design, electrical and piping systems and to solve potential design problems.


graphic design tool

  • It is one of the most advanced graphic design tools in the computer-assisted design community, AutoCAD's built-in features allow its users to plan construction sites, map them, and use available space. Simultaneous tool with 3D Max, Maya and other design / animation tools.
  • Supports usage, auto-codes DWG and DXF files which are exported from the interface to other advanced CAT applications to assist animation projects. This means that as an animator or graphic designer, you can use AutoCAD to create building structures and construction projects that can be exported for more design additions to advanced modeling applications.


3d Printed Tool

  • To create a 3D printed printingobject, a person must then go to the model 3D printer, in all three processes, the material must go to the selected and selected realistic 3D representation of the object, to enable 3D printing.Process Model design tool or software has a definite role to play and AutoCAD is implemented from the 3D printing process. With AutoCAD, 3D printing enthusiasts can talk 3D models in its office using the 3D printing method.
  • AutoCAD ensures that file compatibility is not an issue for most 3D printers and broken software to format your models in its interface and export your designs in the preferred '.stl' format.


In the field of fashion

  • You need to understand that the design pattern of every diamond, shiny stone or jewelry that you enjoy wearing or looking did not come by accident, but came from carefully designed concept and projects. AutoCAD is a design software that comes with the tools needed to design and customize anything to your liking, and the design of certain fashion items is no exception.
  • This CAD software and intuitive interface complicate i-issues in creating octagons, tetrahedrons and more complex shapes.

Industrial design tool

  • The goal of every manufacturing and industrial organizationis to make enough money to bear the cost of producing anything and AutoCAD to help reduce that cost in many ways. Using this CAT interface, entrepreneurs can create working models of any object and test its functionality in the design process.
  • AutoCAD provides tools for early prototype design and for its ergonomic changes before actually sinking money into production.



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