What is Ethical Hacking


If you want to learn hacking, below are a few steps. By following this you can become a better hacker.


Basics of Ethcial Hacking


Step - 1

  • Start with a beginner who knows nothing about hacking. A poor horse is better than a horse at all. Instead of learning live hacking, you will learn about common network protocols such as security networks, viruses, ports, firewalls, IP addresses, HDTP, FTP, DNS, SMTP. To do research.
  • Learn about the alternative operating system Linux. Whose knowledge is very important for hacking. If you know about basics,  you will reach a level where you can easily understand any hacking method.


  • Choose good resources to learn hacking. If you have a hacking good knowledge of, there are many books that can provide you with technical information about the latest dangers and show you ways to exploit it. It’s hard to find a good source that teaches basic hacking.
  • Hacking Secrets is a good book for a beginner, it teaches beginner hacking without prior knowledge and its step is very easy For more information you can follow its official website‌ .


  • Learn Programming () If you want Optional to know more about hacking, programming is something you can not avoid. Although you can use some ready-made tools for easy hacking, it is a good idea to have an understanding of programming languages ​​such as PHP and JavaScript. Because with this you can create your own tool and use codes.
  • Hacking is not something you train at night, so you should never bother. For this, you need knowledge, skills, creativity, commitment and time. It can take months or years to learn, it depends on you, how dedicated and diligent you are working. If you want to be a hacker, it requires good resources, willingness to learn and guidance.
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Who are the hackers?

  • Also known as hacker or white hacker. It is a computer security expert who specializes in intrusion testing and other testing methods and ensures that the organization's information system is secure. These people work in companies and these people are also known as sneakers.


What is a Firecracker?

  • Black hoat hackers, also known as crackers, enter a computer system illegally and do their profit, fun and illegal work.
  • They often do this through data transfer and destruction. They can distribute computer viruses and internet worms and provide spam via botnet.


Who are the script kids?

  • Script Kids are Wannabe (common type) crackers, these people know how the system works, but these people are well known and easy technique and log into the computer following important files and data.,
  • Come to the Stealth Guys Protocol Hacking blog and you will find all the information about hacking . 


Guys, today we are going to talk about Google Chrome hacking and yes today we will see how you can find the saved password by hacking Google Chrome.


  • You all know that Google Chrome is the most used browser by people. Chrome is a really fast and secure browser, so we use it too.
  • You also know that there is a feature in Google Chrome to save password, yes, you should see Chrome coming to you every time you visit the website where you have to fill in your username or password. A popup will appear and if you click on it, the password you entered will be saved on that website.
  • You only need to enter the password once, Chrome will automatically save it, eliminating the need to re-enter the password on the website.
  • Saving the password gives us convenience, but friends, it's not safe because today it is very easy to see the password saved in Chrome. To view the password, you need to go to Settings, Advanced Settings has the option to manage the password, where you must enter the Windows Admin Login Password. After that you can see all the passwords stored in Chrome.


Ethical hackers (cybercriminals) work in a similar way, but aim to make the computer system safer than ever, without damaging the computer system. With the growing reliance on the Internet, ethical hackers have become an important requirement for the IT security sector. It is a challenging profession, requiring 24 hours of work when needed.Ethical  hackers should always update themselves with new technologies related to computer systems so that they can quickly find solutions to new challenges.


Best Ethical Hacking Training in Vizag


Ethical Hacking Terminology



Adware is software designed to display pre-selected ads on the screen.



This back door or engine door is a hidden entry in a computer device or software that allows you to bypass all security measures such as logins and password protection.



This is an action taken to gain access to a computer and obtain important data.


Attack Rough

Rogue attack is an automatic and simple way to gain access to a computer or website. It repeatedly tries different combinations of usernames and passwords until it finds the right combination.

Buffer overflow - Buffer overflow is a type of error that occurs when too much data is written to a memory block or buffer, in which the buffer is said to hold more than the allotted space.



A bot is a program that helps to automate an action and can do that task repeatedly without error, which can no longer be done by a human operator. . For example, sending HTTP, FTP or telnet at a higher rate and inviting a higher rate script to object create the.



- Also known as the Zombie Army, is a group of computers designed with the knowledge of the owner. Botnets are used to send spam or refuse service.


Clone phishing - Clone phishing is the act of editing the correct email with a false connection to deceive the recipient so that they can provide personal information.


Explosive - Explosive is said to modify software to access its protective properties. These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use.


Service Attack Denial (DoS)

This service denial attack (DoS) attack is when a server or network resource is made available for a short period of time by a malicious attempt that is not available to the first users. . Typically, services connected to the host are temporarily interrupted or suspended.


DDoS denies

This service is under attack.



Exploitation of a -sequence of software, data or commands or commands that could create a compromise or vulnerability that compromises a computer or network system.


Kit Exploit

This exploit kit is a software system designed to run on web servers whose main purpose is to detect software vulnerabilities in client machines and exploit the vulnerability of this malicious code. Uploads to client to activate.



A firewall is a type of filter designed to keep unwanted intruders away from your computer system or network, thus providing secure communication between systems and users within any firewall.


Keystroke Recording

Keystroke recording is a yes function that tracks the keys pressed on the computer (and any touchscreen points used). This is a map of the computer / human interface. These are used by gray and black hat hackers to record login IDs and passwords. Keyloggers are often secretly installed on the device using the Trojan in the Flashing email.


Logic bomb

This is a virus that secretly inserts into a computer and then triggers it under certain conditions. This is the most common version of the time bomb.


Master Programmaster program used

Black hat hacker to execute commands remotely to execute infected zombie drones, by rejecting service attacks or spam attacks complete.



 Malware is a nickname that uses various hostile or intrusive software, including computer viruses, worms, and Trojan horses, to ransomware, spyware, adware, scareware, and other malicious programs.



Phishing is a form of email fraud in which the sender sends out seemingly formal emails, the main purpose of which is to collect their personal and financial information from the recipient.



Freakers are often considered real computer hackers because they break into the phone network illegally, using free long distance phone calls or tapping someone's calls.



Spyware is software that is primarily used to gather information about an individual or organization. But in this, the goal is not to get a little clue about it, they provide all the information they don’t want.



Rootkit is a type of pirated software that is usually malicious, designed to be undetectable by general security software, and can do its job.


Compressed Wrap Code

A compressed wrap code attack is an action used to plunder holes in unattached and properly configured software.


Social Engineering

Because social engineering is deliberately misleading people, they provide all kinds of personal information such as credit card details, usernames and passwords.



Spam is just unsolicited email, also known as junk email, which is sent to multiple recipients only against their will.



Spoofing is a technique used to gain unauthorized access to other people's computers. Here the intruder sends messages to the computer with the IP address, so it looks like the message came from a trusted host.


SQL injection

SQL injection is a type of SQL code injection technique designed to attack data-based applications where malicious SQL statements are inserted into the execution entry field (e.g. database contents of the database).



The risk of exploiting any serious error or vulnerability associated with any computer and network system.



A Trojan, or Trojan horse, is a kind of malicious program that looks like the right program, but is disguised, so it is not easy to separate from the program. But it is specifically designed to delete files, change information and steal passwords.


Cross-Site Scripting

Cross-site scripting (XSS) is a type of system security vulnerability commonly found in web applications. XSS enables attackers so that they can add client page scripts to web pages, which are then viewed by users.



A virus is a type of malicious programor code that has the ability to copy itself and have a malicious effect, corrupting any system and destroying data with it.



Vulnerability is a type of vulnerability that allows hackers to compromise the security of a computer or network system.



A type of worm is a self-replicating virus that can modify files but copy them in active memory.


Zombie Drone

You can also call a zombie drone a high-jacket computer that can be used 'anonymously' or 'malicious' to a soldier. For example, distributing unwanted spam emails.